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Written and run by Surrey’s own Scott Graham, is a blog that looks to promote the City and everything that makes it so great. Graham says that his idea for the blog arose after last year’s Stanley Cup riots when many of those blamed for the unfortunate sequence of events were said to have been from Surrey. Disappointed by its misrepresentation and fuelled by a pride for his city, Graham wanted to set the record straight by starting a blog that’s main focus was to inform those whose ideas of Surrey were clouded and reposition the City as he, and many other residents, know it to be – a truly “amazing” one!

SurreyIsTheBomb finds a perfect balance between fun and informative. Graham attends city events, such as the Vancouver Urban Forum, through which he is able to offer the residents of surrey first-hand opinions on many important subjects. He also focuses on community events, business reviews and various other topics.

In his latest post, Graham highlights the Run for Recovery hosted by the Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy. He encourages his readers to get active and participate by running 5 or 10 kilometers to raise awareness for their cause. For further details visit:

Other exciting posts this week include info on Surrey’s new City Centre project, Metal Flake Remix art show featuring artist Bret Taylor, and more. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates.



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