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A while back we featured our favourite spots in the Panorama neighbourhood, including Big Ridge Brewing Company and Panorama Browns Social House. In this post, we’ll be featuring some of the restaurants within Surrey that have been visited and reviewed by the popular food blog, What’s for Lunch BC.

The editors, Scott Graham and Rochele Potter, are both passionate about food – and, it shows! This valuable blog provides its readers, both foodie and non-foodie alike, with humorous, honest and insightful posts on everything from beers to big box grocery store outlets. You can also find lots of delicious recipes.

Among the many restaurants Scott has reviewed, is one of the restaurants we listed in our Favourite Spots in Panorama blog post. Take a read through of his experience with the ‘Hottest Wings in Town’.

Scott also recommends Charley’s Grilled Subs, an “unimpressive place that looks like it belongs in a food court, it blends in with the rest of the usual cast of characters but don’t be deceived, the sandwiches are great. After doing a little research I discovered Charley’s has been around for over 20 year with lots of locations throughout America and the Surrey location is the sole Canadian franchise!” Take a look at the full post on Charley’s Grilled Subs.

Still not hungry? Perhaps you are curious about where to find a great Indian Restaurant? Maybe you want to find a locally owned and operated ‘hidden away’ burger joint? Or, maybe you want to stay in and cook up some stuffed French toast? No matter what you’re in the mood for, What’s For Lunch BC will serve up something to inspire your meal.

The team is open to restaurant or event suggestions and they reply to most comments. Stay connected with What’s For Lunch BC through their Twitter account @WhatsForLunchBC and on Facebook.



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