Get outside!

With the great weather we have been having it is time to get outdoors! We have a selection of move-in ready homes at the Silverwood community in Fleetwood, Surrey with backyards ready to enjoy! These grassy fenced in yards with patio space are already completed, and are the perfect canvas to create your dream outside area!

Transform an ordinary outdoor space into a lovely extension to your inside living space that adds value and comfort to your home year round. Here are a few ideas:

1) Window boxes are a great way to grow flowers or veg! They look amazing when in bloom and are the ultimate way to maximize limited space. A two-foot-wide box will easily host four to six large herb plants or a small crop of salad greens. Grow herbs such as oregano, basil and chives on your window sill!


2) Patio Garden! A patio becomes an oasis with potted plants. Remember as long as it gets adequate sun, a patio can provide enough room to grow a range of plants without demanding too much time or labour. Opt for low-water options, such as sedum and Russian sage that require little attention. Want to grow vegetables? Depending on the size of your yard, think about growing ‘dwarf’ varieties which take up less space. Not interested in growing vegetables? Get your fresh produce at Two EE’s Farm Market – less than a blog away. Read more about it here.


3) Comfortable seating is a major draw for outdoor spaces – for inspiration check out west elm! By adding some soft cushioning and outdoor blankets you can create an outdoor retreat to enjoy year round - Look for weatherproof fabrics so that you won't have to bring everything inside at the threat of rain.


4) Mood Lighting: Think about using hanging lights/lanterns and candles as they create a subtle night time glow. They're also easy to move and require no wiring!


5) Moveable seats: They're not just for extra party guests. Wooden folding chairs are stylish, easy to stow away and can also be used as everyday seats inside as well as out!


Imagine relaxing and taking in the fresh air on your patio whilst hosting a barbeque with the family! The homes that are ‘move-in ready’ are limited, so come visit our sales centre, we are open every day (except Fridays) from 12pm – 5pm. The sooner you visit the sooner you can enjoy your new outdoor space! Remember that in addition to each home’s yard, the community has a 3,000 square feet outdoor amenity which is perfect for picnics and games!



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