Get Cozy This Fall At Ashbury Hill Townhomes!

Summer has now turned into fall. With the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping, this is a great time of year to cozy up in your home! When you are looking for a new home, take into consideration these factors which will ensure comfort and a warm home.


1. Rain screen technology! With our West Coast climate, homes need to be built to withstand the rain! Ashbury Hill’s new construction provides the latest and best practice in rain screen technology for our climate, and if that wasn’t enough, you can feel confident knowing all of our homes are backed with Travelers 2-5-10 New Home Warranty. Want more information on our warranty? Click here.

2. Energy efficiency! Keep those electricity bills under control. Having electric baseboard heating where you can control the temperature within each room is a must! Plus having low E-glass windows improves heat retention and reduces harsh UV rays, so your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Speak to our sales staff about these great features at Ashbury Hill.

3. Insulation! You cannot have a warm home without insulation, and no one likes a draft! The “R-Value” is a measurement of the thermal resistance in a home. The higher the “R-Value” the better the insulation! At Ashbury Hill we use 2x6 construction to allow for better insulation, and all homes feature R20 insulation in the exterior walls and R40 in the ceilings!

Want more information on Ashbury Hill’s quality construction and well thought out features that will keep you warm this fall? Then feel free to come and speak with our knowledgeable sales staff. Our sales centre is open every day (except Fridays) from 12 – 5pm



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