Top Five Design Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Condo Patio

Style Tips for Condo Patio

When you’re living in a condo, you want to utilize as much space as possible, and that doesn’t stop at the indoor square footage. With the promise of longer and warmer days looming near, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your condo patio. But don’t stress! Whether you’ve just downsized or have been looking to revamp your condo patio, we have the top design tips to maximize the impact of your patio.




Before you go on a spending spree for all the fun and bright décor you want to outfit your patio with, be sure to get the right measurements first. Instead of adopting the tried-but-not-so-true method to measuring a space (i.e. extending your hands in front of you and saying “about this big”), pull out that handy measuring tape so that you can effectively visualize your new favourite hangout spot. This helps you avoid becoming attached to furniture that may be to be too big for your space.


Build Your Foundation


Condo Patio Furniture

Once you’ve measured your space, start with the basics. We’re talking patio sets here. Think small yet colourful to add a bit of brightness to your outdoor space.

Bistro sets are great because they are specifically made for small spaces, and can really transform your seating from generic to chic. If you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere, try an outdoor couch or small bench with cushions; ideal for sitting and sipping on coffee in the morning, and decorative throw pillows create a nice, intimate nook.

Pro tip: if your space allows it, try building a lattice or trellis netting to frame off the bench. This is great for plants that climb using tendrils, like Trumpet Vines, Morning Glory’s, or Cling Hydrangea’s. Not only do you get some shade and save space, it is also a great way to give you some privacy!


Accent the View


Vancouver Patio Condo View

If you have a beautiful view, let it do the talking. Whether it’s the ocean, the mountains, or a breathtaking cityscape that comes alive at night, capture it! Understated patio furniture and minimal potted plants give your patio a chic look without overwhelming your view, which ultimately creates a relaxing, Zen space.

Go with what works naturally. Your condo patio shouldn’t be cluttered if the physical space itself has a stunning backdrop. Let it stand out with minimal, modern elements.




Condo Patio Design

Once you’ve laid out the basics for your furniture, it’s time to add your own unique touch with décor. An outdoor space should have a splash of green. Potted cedars, boxwoods, and dense yew are a nice, lush addition, and refresh the area with their clean lines and bright greens.

You could also try hanging plants to save space. We love trailing succulents, like string of bananas, which need minimal care. Bonus: when they grow long enough, they offer you some shade and privacy.

A cool outdoor rug with an energizing design and colour is a great piece to include. If your patio is narrow, you can always try outdoor rug runners. The more personal touches you add outside, the more you encourage your future self to step out and enjoy the views of your condo patio.

Condo Patio Design Tips



Condo Patio Lighting

Here is where you apply some finishing touches. Have some fun with your lighting; it’s a chance to play with different styles and trends. Think hanging orb lights, twinkle lights, or pendants. Candles are also a nice alternative, but because they aren’t always safe (be cool about fire safety) we suggest a lantern with intricate designs. You could also try a light rope for a warm, flattering light (perfect ambiance maker for a Friday night in!).











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