4 Design Dilemmas and Solutions

First Street West design


Every so often, we all come across a design problem in our homes that seems like it just can’t be solved easily. Chances are there are bound to be a few items in your home right now that you’re itching to get your hands on, but have no idea how to go about it, or even get started.

When it comes to design dilemmas, even the most style-savvy of us needs a little help sometimes. Here are 4 common design dilemmas encountered and solved.


Design Dilemma #1: Traditional Architecture vs. Modern Décor

First Street West design


If your new condo comes with gorgeous features that aren’t necessarily appealing to your modern aesthetic, don’t fret. We all have distinct tastes and your home’s build shouldn’t stop you from expressing yours. One way to create a more modern look from traditional features is to take paint to the wooden doors and trim. This creates a clean and simple look that wakes up an older architectural design space. Use a crisp white on the doors and paint the trim the same colour as the walls to continue that minimalist, seamless look. The continued white space gives you a nice blank canvas to dress up your living room with modern décor that suites your style.


Design Dilemma #2: Small Spaces

First Street West design


One of the best ways you can maximize a smaller space is to play with your colours, patterns, and light. Chances are, your place is already outfitted with a neutral colour. On the off chance that it isn’t, and if you have the time and budget, try playing around with different neutrals, all-white, or soft-toned colour palette to open up your space to lead the eye to window or outdoor aspect to alleviate any cramped feelings.

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge on painting just yet, consider wall paper, the best friend to all those who fear making decisions. One great option is to add horizontal stripes, which visually expands a room and makes it appear wider. Narrow or wide, it doesn’t matter; just be sure the stripes are horizontal, not vertical, so that the eye travels from left to right.

You can also incorporate mirrors into your space, which bounces the light around and create the illusion of a larger room. A floor-to-ceiling mirror on a wall effectively doubles the size.


Design Dilemma #3: Home Office or Guest Room?

First Street West design


A common issue with two bedrooms is a desire to have both a home office and a guest bedroom for any visiting family and friends. Before you make any decisions, think about what the room will mostly be used for. If you see yourself working from home more than hosting distant cousins or friends who need more than a couch to crash on, think about installing a sofa bed that pulls out, an easy solution for space while still maintaining style, functionality, and comfort. Day beds are also a great option, as they serve as both a couch and a place for your guests to sleep. And who doesn’t love decorating a day bed with beautiful throw pillows and throws.


Design Dilemma #4: Lack of Foyer

First Street West design


Many older condos lack a distinct foyer area, which can create an expansive space that feels impractical and jarring. Creating a separate area for you and your guests to take off their coats and shoes enhances a room’s functionality and provides some semblance of privacy. Consider setting up a freestanding divider or screen. A bookshelf is also a great way to make a temporary separation between the doorway and the living space without having to go a more permanent route. This breaks up the room nicely and adds a layer off functionality – places to drop keys, scarves, and important items for coming and going.



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