5 Ways to Get Your Condo Patio Ready for Summer


We may be overeager, but with all this nice weather we’ve been having (knock on wood), we can’t help but dream about cocktails at sunset with good friends on a beautifully decorated patio. To celebrate the streak of golden weather in our coastal city and satiate our desire to outfit everything with twinkle lights, here are 5 ways you can get your condo patio ready for this summer.

Underfootoutdoor rugs

After you’ve washed your patio deck (a must for Vancouverites after the early Spring rain), start with what’s underfoot: a rug. Possibly the most overlooked portion of outfitting your condo patio, this is the quintessential foundation for your décor. Rugs are a great way to articulate your personal style, and they really add some colour and style. Bold patterns are lovely for outdoors, bringing an element of fun. Don’t worry about spills or mess; most can be hosed or swept if they get dirty.

Lighten Uphanging-patio-lights-at-night_7411

Don’t get us wrong: patios are great for the daytime, but at twilight, when the sun is starting to go down? Perfection. If you’re planning on entertaining well into the evening, we suggest subtle lighting for your guests so no one is groping around for their cocktails. Not only is it functional, it creates a nice ambiance for small, intimate gatherings. Candles in lanterns with intricate patterns, outdoor chandeliers, string lights, or floor lamps are just some of the endless options to add some sparkle and warmth to your outdoor space. And who doesn’t love twinkle lights on a patio – the staple choice for outdoor lighting in the summer. Get creative with the types of string lights you employ; there are endless options at décor boutiques these days.

Get Comfortablecomfortable furniture

Many people think that your outdoor furniture needs to be hard in order to withstand the weather. While that’s mostly true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t outfit your patio with comfortable (and trendy) furnishings either. Ensure that you or you guests don’t have to sit uncomfortably all summer long and invest in some cozy pieces, like a bench with padded cushions and a ton of pillows. Warning: afternoon cat naps likely to occur.

Choose Your Colourcolour palette

When we think of summer, we imagine pops of colour. White linens, bright teals or corals, gold accents; we can’t get enough. For your condo patio, think strategically. If your space is more urban and is lacking natural greens, adding colour is going to make your patio come alive. If you already have a plant-filled space, use it as the backdrop for your colour scheme to keep the area fresh and vibrant. Bright colours are a great way to energize your patio, especially for summer.

Go Green

stylish balcony with plants

Plants are quite possibly the best accessories to any patio space. Not only do they bring an element of freshness, they make your space feel more alive with that natural pop of colour. Succulents or cacti are a great choice for beginner green thumbs since they live off very little water (read: no plant killing here). When you’re reading to upgrade, try your hand at flowerpots or potted fruit trees. Add a wow factor with a vertical garden to really impress your friends and create some patio envy from your snooping neighbours.



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