5 Timeless Trends in Home Décor

timeless home decor trends

When it comes to home décor and designing a space that stands the test of time, there are design trends and then there are timeless designs that last.  What makes home décor stand the test of time is the ability for your home’s aesthetic to have staying power – a look that remains fresh and as relevant as the day the look was created. Here are 5 easy ways you can make your home décor classic and everlasting.


timeless design trends

Less is always more, no matter what the magazine of the month is saying. Clean and simple lines create pleasing and open floor plans that make a space more functional. Creating a minimalist effect in your room will leave a chic and sophisticated impression. Start by limiting your clutter and décor; the fewer colours and furniture used in a room, the more pleasing and restful the mood will be.


Functionality in Mind

timeless design trends


As cool and trendy as that flashy bucket chair might look, you would do well to take a step back and play the 5-minute game. If, in 5 minutes, you still want that bucket chair, we can’t stop you from purchasing it. If, in 5 years, however, that bucket chair has you wondering just what you were thinking and why you didn’t go for the classic, timeless chair that was comfortable, durable, and blended well with your room. When buying décor and furniture, think of how it will add to your room, like built in shelves or coffee tables with shelves. What makes home décor timeless is not just how it will be admired from afar, it’s how durable and functional it makes the space.


Traditional Colours

timeless design trends


The fewer colours used in a room, the better. The general rule of thumb for creating a timeless look is that if you restrict your colour palette, the colours recede into the background and allows your furnishings and its accessories to take centre stage. Go for a colour scheme that is within a neutral tone, such as beiges, taupe’s, or fawns. Make sure they’re in warm tones – regardless of any trends you may decide to outfit your room with later on, your home will always look chic and cozy. To really step up your traditional colour game, use whites to outfit your room to ensure that it stands the test of time.


Black and White

timeless design trends


While we’re on the subject of traditional colours, we can’t not include the classic black and white combination. This high-contrast duo creates a high drama effect without the drama. Transform ordinary spaces like small bathrooms into elegant experiences with white walls and black porcelain tile floors. Up the ante with some timeless features like free-standing, claw foot bathtubs.


Vintage Finds

timeless design trends


As timeless as the word itself, Vintage will always be a design trend that will never go out of style. Incorporating vintage pieces into your décor is one way to create a designer look that speaks volumes. Try outfitting each room with a unique, vintage piece, such as vintage picture frames or beautiful chairs with luxe fabrics. Creating a look that is timeless is effortless once you have the right pieces to play with.




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