5 Ways to Makeover Your Living Room


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A decorating rut is bound to happen. Even the savviest Pinners on Pinterest run into them from time to time. When adding a couple of uniquely patterned throw pillows in your living room just won’t cut it, bring out the big guns and try your hands at a complete makeover. Whether head-to-toe or one wall, here are 5 ways you
can make over your living room and break that decorators block.


Introduce Vibrant Colours

bright colours


Breathe some new life into your living room with vibrant colours. Bright yellows, jewel tones, or even summer hues like teals or coral can add some wow factor into your living room and help spark your creativity. Start with a bold item to make a statement, such as a couch or armoire – this acts as an anchor for your room. Echo the colours around the room with small items – you can use floral arrangements, lamp shades, or even décor items like picture frames. To tone down the brightness, add a cooler tone (for brights) or a lighter colour (for darks). This not only accents your bold choice for décor, it neutralizes the brightness, creating a less overwhelming impact for you and your guests.


Black and White Affair

black and white living room

Colour blocking will always be a favourite of ours, and what more classic way to approach this makeover idea than with a timeless black and white design. Not only does it look incredibly sophisticated, but you can mix it up with different patterns or textures to add some depth. Triangle motifs on textiles or patterned rugs, for instance, are a nice play on the colour blocking trend, and really up the modern look for a sleek vibe. You can also add a colour showstopper that operates as a focal point in your room. A large, gold mirror from ceiling to floor is a great way to stop people in their tracks and get them asking who your designer is.


Understated Glam



If you’re craving an entire head-to-toe redo for your living room, try an understated glam look. Using a neutral palette as your foundation, paint the walls a soft taupe or grey to solidify your foundation. Next, update your textiles. Curtains should be a cream or soft white and hung above the window to add height to your room. Couches that are a dark grey are a nice accent to your room, or compliment the warmth of the curtains with a soft white couch. Finish the look off with a punch of luxe, such as a beautiful chandelier, shiny metallic on walls, and subtle patterns on pillows.


Dress up Your Floor

faux animal fur rug


If change is hard for you and makeovers cause a bit of unease, one easy yet beautiful way to play up your living room is to incorporate a new rug. This instantly dresses up your living room. Make sure the rug is large – a small rug might save you money but it will shrink your space. Try a different design for a game-changer effect. Don’t play it safe – this is why you’re making over your living room in the first place! Go bold with colour or mix it up with a new pattern. You can also try something entirely new, like a faux animal skin to feature a section of your room.


Add a Bookcase



This is an excellent way to not only dress up the walls in your living room, but the functionality of it serves two purposes: you declutter other surfaces of your room and display some of your most beautiful books and trinkets. Whether built-in or free-standing, a pair of bookshelves transform a plain wall in your living room from bare to a show-stopping focal point. Remember: bookshelves don’t need to just showcase your collection of literature. Show off your treasures or use this as an excuse to go out and buy yourself some new décor items, like vases or globes.





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