4 Home Décor Essentials


When it comes to styling your space, you don’t need a big budget to get the must-haves of the season. You also don’t need to sacrifice style for function. To ensure you’re making practical choices that also speak to your personality and mood, here are some of the essentials when it comes to styling a beautiful, well-defined space.


Proper Curtains

Don’t leave your windows bare. Set aside your style considerations for a moment and think about function, which will limit your curtain choices, in a good way. If you want curtains that provide privacy or total darkness, you need lined curtains. If you don’t mind a little light filtering through, unlined will be just fine. Consider the mood of your room before committing to any texture of colours. The main thing you’ll want think about is the height of the curtains when you hang them; the higher your curtains, the taller your window will look, which means the bigger your room will appear.


Plant Life

Living elements add a lot of life and movement to any arrangement. You can use faux or real flowers or plants to both ground and refresh a space, but if you choose faux flowers, be sure they look realistic. Try potted plants or intricate little sculptures, like mini cacti or succulents for variety.


Area Rugs

A colourful or brightly patterned rug is an instant way to add colour, especially if your space has neutral tones. Rooms that have many layers feel more sophisticated than those that are one dimensional. Add an area rugs are a great way to define different areas within as well as adding a pop of colour, pattern, and texture in your room. It’s going to act as a focal point for your room, which is great, especially if your room has no built in focal point. Look for a style that spans close to 60 percent of the room, leaving at least 12 inches of floor space all around.




Light is the most integral part of your décor. Whether its with the type of light or the style of lamp, how you light your room sets the mood. Try Incorporating unique lamps to light up your cozier spaces and go for pendants for open areas like your kitchen or living room. If you’ve got overhead lighting that is just begging to be replaced, try opting for a chandelier or low wattage bulbs for a soft, flattering glow. Areas like your office need bright white light for desk lamps so you can actually see what you’re doing. Place some mirrors around the room to let the natural light bounce around – Vitamin D is good for your mood!








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