5 Ways to Improve a Small Living Room

how to decorate a small living room

Small spaces can certainly be a challenge to decorate, but the key is to master your illusion-making skills to trick you and your visitors into thinking your living room is larger than it actually is. Here are our top 5 tips to open up and fresh a small living room.


how to decorate small living room


Small living rooms need to be free from any barriers. Think of your space as free flowing and inviting and try to discourage any complex layouts. You want it to be airy and minimal. Similarly, you want to avoid any large furniture pieces, which can often overwhelm your room. Make sure you don’t block any open space that may serve as an entryway to your living room; you want to create a seamless connection between each room. Nix the large couch and any other bulky features; these will only overtake your living room. Try a combination of large with small pieces for a balance, such as a large bookcase with slipper chairs. The mix of delicate and bold will add a refreshing and dynamic touch.

how to decorate a small living room


This is home décor 101, but we’ll say it anyways: don’t go dark in a small living room. When your space already feels like you’re hemmed in, you don’t want to add to close it off even more with dark colours on the wall – it confines a small room and makes you feel closed in. Opt for light colours to make the walls recede and create a bright, airy feel. Remember: not going dark doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Try playing around with bold colours and patterns, such as large-scale florals or graphic prints. Horizontal stripes are a great way to add space in a small, narrow room.


how to decorate a small living room

Vertical Space

Don’t ignore your walls! These will be the most important space saver in your living room and gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative with decorating. Once you have your layout in place, take advantage of your vertical space for storage. Think of it as extra square footage. You can play with hanging shelves, built-ins, and other unique storage alternatives to stow away clutter, maintaining the flow of your living room.


how to decorate a small living room


When you walk into your living room, you should feel at ease and relaxed; be able to put your feet up without knocking over any knick-knacks or collectibles. To keep the open feel, try to keep your treasures to one area of your living room. You want to minimize the clutter so it doesn’t overpower the already limited space. You can try floating shelves for your favourite items, like family photos or books. Dressing up a bookcase is also a great way to showcase your favourite novels so you don’t sacrifice tabletops and any other open space.




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