6 Decorating Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

With fall in full swing, the gloomy, dark days are starting to set in. And though we love the cozy vibes that fall can bring (who doesn’t love snuggling into a chic throw with a good book on a blustery day), the short days, dark days can take a toll on all of us. Here are six easy ways you can brighten up your space to beat those gloomy days.


Shed a Little Light

Mirrors work wonders in opening up and brightening otherwise small spaces. Whether you opt for floor length, hanging, or desk, the addition of a mirror visually expands the dimensions of your room by reflecting light, which tricks the eye to think there is more space. Try playing with different shapes (round, geometric, asymmetrical) and materials (wood, glass) to elevate the mirrors in your home into a statement piece.



Less is More

Minimalism is always in style, especially when decorating your home. A light, uniform colour palette makes the room look clean and crisp, while natural materials such as marble, steel, hardwood, and glass add a luxurious touch without being over the top. Our favourite thing about a minimalist look is the effortless way it instantly adds a layer of freshness to your space.



Metallic Accent Pieces

Similar to mirrors, metallic adds furniture makes the room pop and creates an eye-catching focal point for you and your guests. If the thought of going all in with metallic pieces scares you, try starting off small. It doesn’t have to encompass a whole item of furniture – a well-placed metallic feature, like a bookend, frame, or a modern twist to the classic armchair is just the right amount of “oomph” for your home. In addition to the tried and true gold and silver, we love mixing in rose gold pieces to kick things up a notch.


Nothing to Hide

On top of being aesthetically pleasing, open concept shelving is another great option for instant brightness. Not only are they are wonderful for storing and organizing all of your various knick-knacks, they make for a nice design element that ties the room together. While they’re commonly spotted in kitchen settings, you can opt for displaying them in the living room; think of all the books and potted plants you can showcase.



Incorporate Light Furniture

You might not realize it, but if you have big, boxy furniture in dark hues, you’re adding visual weight to your space. We love testing out the cohesiveness of more modern, geometric shape; it gives us the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. Coffee tables and chairs with thin, wire-y legs are a good option, as are delicate hanging light fixtures.



Let the Light In

This sounds like a no-brainer, but as basic as the concept is, lighting is often the last place people turn to to brighten their pad. Switch out your bulbs with the highest recommended wattage. Finding the right light fixtures, or overhead centerpiece, will also bring the whole décor scheme together. Go bold with a statement chandelier, add a warm glow with table lamps, or incorporate a modern touch using hanging pieces.



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