Curating Your Dream Bathroom

Make your dream bathroom a serene and luxurious retreat. A few key additions go a long way in making your bathroom a well-curated sanctuary. Here are a few tips to create a functional and design-forward space you will want to spend all your time in.

Create a countertop collection

Bathrooms offer a unique peek into a person’s individual taste and daily routine. Put yours on display by placing well-loved toiletries and personal care products, along with small trinkets, into a curated tray (try a wooden one with side handles, or one with glass or a mirror on the bottom). Think about how your countertop items will look along with the rest of the elements. Decorative features such as scented soy candles, twigs or ferns in porcelain vases, and delicate perfume bottles, all add to the distinctive character of your dream bathroom.

Get creative with flooring

Choose an interesting tile pattern to break up the layout of the bathroom, and add an extra dimension to the room. Using an interesting pattern is an easy and appealing way to add a whimsical touch to the interior. A striking way to break up neutrals to add bold, patterned tile. Think grey and white tiles paired with an otherwise all-white interior, navy and white tiles with taupe or olive walls, and brown and white tiles with wood features.

Luxe details

Pamper yourself with details such as brushed gold faucets, metallic framed mirrors that add depth to the space, brand new cabinetry, or vibrant blooms on the countertop. Stone and ceramic tiles add a luxurious touch, while a honed floor finish provides traction to prevent slips and falls. For cabinets, stock varieties are the most budget-friendly, with custom pieces carrying a heavier price tag (for the wider range of material, finish, and accessories).

Set the mood with colour

Pick a theme and mood. Colour can either energize or soothe, so consider the ambiance you want when selecting room palettes. It’s a good idea to complement and contrast certain features of the room. For instance, a gleaming white tub looks crisp next to a soft minty blue wall and a minimalistic ice blue glass shower door. Wood hues inject the bathroom with warm tones. These elements pull from different sides of the colour spectrum to create a common mood.

Make a statement

With colour, you can also go bold. We recommend trying a strong jewel tone such as rich teal, plush purple, ‘pantone colour of the year’ green, or royal blue. Darker tones on walls tend to be well-suited to more masculine bathrooms, with darker lighting, smooth wood fixtures, and sleek, minimal design. A strong wall also works when paired with a largely white-toned room, with sporadic pops of colour creating an eye-catching layout. Bright lighting can help offset the dominating colour, and prevent the room from looking too severe.



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