How to Create the Perfect Workspace in Your Home

Working from home means being able to design a stylish space that you love while allowing for maximum productivity. Feel inspired at home. Here are our best tips for creating the ultimate home office sanctuary.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace for Your Home

Embrace Natural Light

Corporate offices may sometimes be bland and dimly lit, but that doesn’t mean your home office must be. Embrace your natural light and position your desk in a corner most conducive to catching the sun’s rays. Having large windows with leafy outdoors views to gaze out of are a bonus, and make for a great midday coffee break. No leafy views? No problem. You know how we feel about plants. Add a couple to your window or desk for a pop of colour and some zen.

Storage as Décor

Your personal workspace furniture can be both stylish and functional; you don’t have to choose just one. Just check out these sleek, monochromatic storage shelves that double as eye-pleasing décor. Multi-tasking your furniture also helps you save precious floor space, especially when the room you are working with is on the small side. Try playing with different colour sets, such as black and white, neutral creams and beiges, as well as texture variations, like painted wood, or metal and glass combos.

Personalized Design

Create a space that you want to work in. Since you’ll be spending a large portion of each day in your home office, incorporate well-loved artwork and favourite design trends into the décor for a cozy and personalized space you crave to be in. Geometric patterned rugs add a wonderful touch of texture and help tie the room together. Small bouquets of flowers instantly brighten the space, while whimsical couches and cushions inject a pop of colour. Keep other statement pieces such as the bookshelf and desk minimal so as to balance out all of the elements.

Comfort is Key

Your workspace should be designed with comfort in mind. Pick a chair that you wouldn’t mind sitting in for hours at a time. As a general rule, the top of your computer screen should be at eye level or lower to help reduce eye fatigue. Position the keyboard so that your forearms are parallel to the ground, and adjust the seating so that your feet rest firmly on the ground. A quick note on chairs: don’t limit yourself to thinking you can’t have quality and comfort. There are plenty of beautiful fabric office chairs that suit your ergonomics without compromising style.

Keep it Sleek

Having a well-organized space is also important for productivity. Hide distracting elements like power cords by placing a power strip somewhere discreet (like behind your desk). To avoid making your workspace feeling like a generic office, incorporate stationary that matches the theme of your room, and hide bulky appliances such as printers in closets and cabinets.



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