5 Easy Ways to Styling Your First Home

So you’ve taken the plunge and moved into your first home. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – decorating it. While outfitting a new abode may seem like a daunting task, we’re here with 5 easy steps that will make the entire process feel like a breeze.

Lay Your Foundation

Give your new home a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Try sticking to a common colour palette or theme for each of the rooms, such as neutral hues, pastels, or jewel tones, so you have a unified look that connects each room. Warm neutrals such as beige, cream, and pewter, as well as shades of grey, are well-suited to contemporary, West Coast style-homes. Keep to sapphire, teal, and amethyst if you want to add a little drama to the space, while airy pastels insert a touch of whimsy and femininity.

Invest in a Sofa

Aside from a sturdy bed, a sofa may be one of the most important furniture items you can invest in. We all know that a sofa often multitasks as a dining table, bed, work station, and place of relaxation. This versatility alone makes the investment well worth it! Find one that suits the size and shape of your living room. You can arrange and purchase the rest of the furniture in the room based around this key item.

Lay the Groundwork

Rugs can either blend into the floor, or they can really pop as statement pieces. Make yours centre stage! Find one that appeals to you and that works with the colour and theme of your new home. Rugs add personality and character no matter what the room – whether placed under coffee tables, dining tables, or as a stand-alone item in the middle of the space. For an otherwise minimal, or a bohemian room, try incorporating a textured and vibrantly patterned rug.

Add Artwork to Personalize

Make your newly purchased condo your own by choosing artwork that represents your unique personality. Browse flea markets, home boutiques, antique shops, art galleries, or even embark on your own DIY project, to find the right pieces that will make your home Pinterest worthy. Be patient – build your art collection a little at a time so that it’s curated and filled with pieces that you love.

Perform Hardware Upgrades

Sometimes the home you move into is already ideal in your eyes. Other times, there are improvements that can be made. Upgrading the hardware in your kitchen is one of those improvements, and does wonders in sprucing up the look and feel of the room. Shiny new cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, or a sleek new marble/granite countertop are all hardware upgrades that can elevate your new home.



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