6 Decorating Tips for a Luxurious Bedroom

Creating a bedroom haven starts with a comfortable bed that you can’t wait to fall asleep in at the end of the day. After that, the rest is up to you. Here are a few of our best tips that will inspire you to create your own cozy haven.

Incorporate Strong Shapes

Create some dynamic shapes in your bedroom for a little play on the basics. Juxtapose strong, geometric shapes such as a bold bed frame with whimsical elements like white linen drapes. In addition to opposing shapes, play with colour contrasts for that added wow factor. For instance, a dark wood frame looks striking against a clean, white, room.

Embellish Your Ceiling

Draw the eye up with a touch of glamour. Add flair by placing textured wallpaper on the ceiling or with a dramatic chandelier. A clean, white trim also helps to add definition to your space, while a lighter tone on the ceiling keeps the room bright and airy. Remember, the ceiling décor complements the overall theme for a finished, luxe look.

Play with Texture

Bedrooms are the place to lay on the textured accessories, such as furry cushions and throws, upholstered headboards, or metallics. Experiment with accessories in various fabrics and neutral tones, such as taupe, ivory, and sable brown. A generous collection of pillows and throws imbue a cozy, luxurious mood to the overall room.

Add Drama

Don’t be afraid to play with bold lines, graphics, or dark colours in the bedroom. A deeper colour palette creates a sultry, glamourous mood. Mix patterns by contrasting solid lines in wallpaper with geometric shapes on the rug. Monochromatic palettes are especially striking and won’t overwhelm the eye.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Whether it’s ample closet space, a good bookshelf, or a little something at the foot of the bed to hold spare textiles, having enough storage space is important to make your space feel organized and put together. Choose pieces that complement the colour theme so that they blend in.

Get Cozy

Bedrooms are the ultimate space for being cozy. Make yours a place where you’ll want to sleep in on the weekends and spend all of your free time. Chunky, textured throws in appealing neutral hues like blush pink, soft grey suede cushions, and fragrant bouquets, all add to the coziness factor of your bedroom.



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