6 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Dinner Party Ready

With spring upon us and inspiration about to bloom in every corner, we’re thinking about all the ways we can host dreamy dinner parties this spring. Here are our décor ideas and inspirations to make your dining room ready for spring dinner parties.

Elegant Centerpieces

A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers gives your dinner party a light and airy springtime feel. Go for a low, no-fuss bowl to hold your centerpiece so as not to obstruct the view of your party guests. You may also want to consider arranging multiple sets across the table to amplify the effect. We like white florals with simple green stems for a fresh, minimalistic look that complements the neutral tones in the rest of the dining room.

Choose the Right Chairs

Your chairs may play second fiddle to the food, the conversation, and the décor, but having the right seats to accompany the furniture in the room will help tie the whole look together. If you’re playing with natural materials, go with wooden chairs to match your dining table. A room with a predominantly ‘cream’ or ‘beige’ palette looks well-put together with cream coloured, leather chairs (silver studs add a pop). For chairs with wooden legs, place a rug underneath to protect hardwood flooring.

Bring out the Fine China

This is the time to pull out all the stops and dress (your table) to impress, with matching plate sets, handmade place cards, crystal glasses, and tea candles. For a fancy touch, cover the table with a white tablecloth to provide a blank canvas for the food and décor. Try placing a customized décor piece on every guest’s plate. An ornate painted white pumpkin works well for fall themed dinner parties, and a few sprigs of herbs such as rosemary and sage tied in twine pair nicely with spring themed ones.

Bohemian Spring

This is the ideal season to host romantic, bohemian-themed dinner parties with dreamy décor inspirations. Think all white interiors, with straw, twine, wood, and linen fabrics dominating. Tall candles in antique gold candlesticks and delicate, potted plants placed sporadically around the room will add to the lively spring mood. Hosting your dinner by a window brings in natural light, which will help brighten and tie all your elements together.

Don’t forget about Lighting

Just as important as bringing natural light into the picture is providing the right fixture to (literally) light up your dinner party. Place an eye-catching chandelier or statement piece overhead your dining table to illuminate both the guests and the food. Choose non-florescent bulbs for a warm glow to the whole room.

Take in the View

Not everyone has a panoramic view available in their home. But as touched upon, hosting your dinner party by the window (panorama or not) can draw in natural light that will brighten up the room. Bonus points for having coastal views of the ocean, mountain, or forest; great views work to spark greater conversation. Incorporate West Coast style indoors by introducing nature-inspired pieces, such as glass-blown vases, wood-carved dining tables, or brushed wood cabinetry.



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