4 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Condo Patio

Nothing says summer like lounging on your patio with a glass of Frosé. But if you find you don’t spend as much time on yours as you’d like, chances are it’s because it’s not appealing to you. When you have a small space, you want to put every inch to good use, which means you have every reason to upgrade that patio this season. Lucky for you, we’re somewhat of an expert when it comes to crafting exceptional homes for exceptional people. We’re here to help you transform your balcony into the haven that you’ll want to spend time in.

Bottoms Up

Even if you only make one upgrade to your balcony game this season, let it be with a rug. Preferably one that is bright and colourful. A rug is a unique way to ground your space while also showing a bit of your creative flair for your little slice of haven. Just make sure it can withstand the finicky-y whiles of Vancouver weather. Bonus points if you carry out your theme in a couple of throw pillows.


A no-brainer, seating on your patio is how you set the comfort level for you and your guests. But sometimes we’re often left with little to no space. The solution? Furniture that doesn’t take up the entire patio or opts as multi-functional. Think collapsible chairs, small patio tables, ottomons that act as storage units, or a hammock chair for some serious boho chi Zen. You may also consider installing a bench against a corner and style with a throw or candles.

Add Some Green

Breathe some life into your patio with a beautiful potted plant. Not only does this add some much-desired Feng Shui, it creates a calming atmosphere. Not to mention if your patio neighbor is a bit on the messy side, those big leaves will come in handy to hide their clutter. If potted plants seem a bit too much for your small space, you can try hanging plants from your railing, or consider a lovely arrangement of herbs on your patio table.



To tie it all in, add some picture-perfect lighting to your haven. This is what will be the ambiance maker. You want your lighting to be soft, warm, and inviting for both you and your guests. These can be lamps, twinkle lights, candles, or a unique statement fixture. You want something that will cast that magical glow over your summer evenings.

Whatever you have a tiny space or a full wrap around balcony, there’s plenty you can do to upgrade your patio look for a summer haven you’ll never want to leave.



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