2017 Fall Design Trends

With kids back at school and leaves getting ready to turn, it can only mean one thing – fall is coming. The beginning of September is the perfect time to give your home a refresh – putting summer aside and getting ready for the upcoming fall season. Regardless of the trends, remember to choose what you love. Here is what we predict will be in for fall 2017.


Interesting Bedding

Strip away those plain white sheets and experiment with something more exciting this fall season. Try pairing bold patterns and play with interesting monograms. Beyond basic bedding, custom upholstered headboards as a focal piece will make a major statement.



Woven Textures

Woven textures bring depth and warmth to a room in the colder winter months. Put plants in wicker stands, change out your light fixture for a basket pendant light or hang baskets for a focal point on the wall.




This fall will see a return to an old classic – quilts. Quilts offer a handmade homey element to any bedroom. Depending how you style them, they can add either a modern or traditional touch to your room.

Matte Black Accessories

In both the kitchen and bathroom, look for matte black light fixtures, faucets, and kitchen accessories. If you currently have copper home accessories, they are out this season and swapping them out for matte black is an easy transition.




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