Three Ways to Create a Cozy Interior

The changing colours of the Fall season are giving us major design inspiration. What’s not to love about a cosy interior that evokes a sense of home and warmth?


Invite nature inside by incorporating a green wall, plant, or floral life. Elements of nature bring life to your room, and the delicate greenery is calming and grounding for a homey, sophisticated feel. Choose materials that resonate with your personal style. You may like the sleek, modern feel of volcanic terrariums, maybe it’s one or two potted trees to anchor your room, or maybe you prefer the way two or three demure vases of flowers look in different corners of your room. Whatever your style, we can guarantee that bringing natural elements into your space is going to instantly add some Zen to soothe your interior.


Blankets and Throws

This is an obvious one, but a simple and effective way of creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere is through integrating cosy elements like throws and pillows. These scream: sit here, get warm, stay a while! Which, if we’re honest, is exactly what you want your guests to think when they enter your room for a night of movie watching or in-depth conversations that inspire late nights.


Mix and Match Materials

Think soft fabrics for your furniture, like rich velvet upholstery. There is nothing more welcome than seating arrangements that evoke soft, plush comfort. Play around with your textures. Pairing soft furniture and luxe throws with hard, shiny surfaces, such as lacquered side tables, lamps, or metallic odds and ends are a nice interplay between textures. If you’re not ready to go big and bold with furniture, you can always invest in a chair to place in a snug nook to encourage cosying up with a book for an intimate reading spot.



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