4 easy ways to integrate holiday décor to a small space

It’s that time of year again. Christmas trees are up, the eggnog is out, and you find yourself longing to deck the walls of your home.

Except that your ideas for festive décor are bigger than your condo.

Don’t minimize those grand ideas. If you think you don’t have the space to decorate big, think again with these space savvy décor tips this holiday season.

Alternatives to Christmas trees


As much as we all want that 8-foot tree in the corner, sometimes we can’t always get what we want. For those of us unwilling to let go of that dream, though, there are alternatives at your creative disposal! For starters, opt for smaller trees, like a sapling, or Christmas wreaths to deck the halls with. Want to try something a little less pine-y? Get some chalkboard paint and draw your Christmas tree in chalk! You can also make your tree out of plywood and display all your holiday cards.

Colour harmonization


When you’re limited in your space, harmonization of your colour scheme and decorations is key. This helps reduce the visual clutter that is so unique to add other elements of holiday décor this time of year. Opt for neutrals, for instance, to draw everything together. If you want a pop of colour to get in the holiday spirit, stick to just one, like gold, or a bright red, and spread them around your space so they draw the eye around.

Light it up


What’s Christmas without a lot of twinkle lights? If you’re looking to add a warm glow to your space, then try adding white twinkle lights to your railing, mantle, or windows. Feeling ambitious? String them along the ceilings and doorways to add even more holiday warmth. Need more? Go next level with a creative arrangement of warm candles and natural elements, such as pine cones or cinnamon sticks, on your window ledges and coffee tables to create a warm atmosphere that is inviting.

Add some holiday scents


If you don’t plan on baking holiday cookies every day of December, then you can mimic the sweet smell of cinnamon with essential oils or scented candles. Ask a neighbor or friend for to trim a couple pieces of their pine tree for you so you can fill your space with the smell of a Christmas tree (without all the mess).

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