New Year, Fresh Home Decor

The holidays are over, whether you like it or not. But that doesn’t mean you have to yank all your cozy and colourful décor down. Here are some tips to keep your home looking comfy and beautiful during the post-holiday season.

White and bright

It’s cold and storm-y outside, but inside, it’s bright and fresh with crisp whites and light accents. Keep your colour palette to whites to reflect the fresh outlook on the new year and you’ll make your home a simplistic haven that you can retreat to and relax in. It can be as simple as accents around the room, like vases, candles, and picture frames, or you aim for bigger pieces, like ottomans, Moroccan pouf’s, or curtains.


Hold on to those throws

It’s still winter, so it’s right to want to keep those furry, soft blankets and throw pillows out to keep warm. But did you know that it also works to add layers of comfort? Faux sheepskin rugs look elegant while draped over a sofa (bonus for that white and bright look). Play around with texture! Add knits to your living space! Knitted materials have a way of making you feel instantly cozy — you’ll want to make a fort and never leave!

Decorate with neutrals

Neutral colours are calming and relaxing and can be great elements to add to your bright décor. The key is to use complimentary tones so you don’t overwhelm your space. We like adding natural elements, like wood, stone, or flowers, to keep the atmosphere of a room light and energetic. Try adding pine cones or leaves to a glass vase or transparent candle holders and place them around the room.


Want to feel harmony and vibrancy? Balance your home with the principles of feng shui. To do this, you want to mix and match décor, like large and small, bold and soft. Step it up a notch by incorporating all five elements for an added layer of balance and peace.

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