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Your new Fairborne home should be a place for carefree living —not worrying. That’s why we created our Complete Homecare service. From the moment you join a Fairborne community, you can count on our Homecare team to help when you want it most. From appliances to New Home Warranties to neighbourhood amenities, we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need, whatever life may bring.

We invite you to take advantage of our Complete Homecare service. It’s just one more way we make ease-of-mind easy—and welcome you to the Fairborne family.

For emergency 24-hour assistance, please contact your property manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1— I have an issue regarding building maintenance and operations. Whom do I call ?
For routine concerns about your property—such as elevators, landscaping, parking, extra keys, garbage collection, etc.—please consult your property manager.

2— As a homeowner, what maintenance am I required to do ?
You are responsible for regular maintenance inside your suite, such as resealing grout in the bathroom or kitchen, replacing shower/tub silicone, and other maintenance that comes from normal wear-and-tear. You are also responsible to repair any damage you cause.

3— When does my home warranty expire and what does it cover ?
Your home warranty expires 12 months from the date of possession, and covers your appliances, as well as defects in labour and materials in your home. We will inspect all cosmetic items (drywall cracks, nail pops, tile cracks, etc.) at the end of your 12-month warranty. Be sure to submit any cosmetic deficiencies as part of your year-end service request.

In addition to your 12-month home warranty, you have a 24-month warranty on defects in materials and labour related to the distribution systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.) in your home.

4— I’d like more information on my new home. Where can I find it ?
As a new homeowner, we invite you to access the homeowners’ manual for your specific property. In it, you will find information about paint colours, basic maintenance and trades lists.

5— I have more questions. Whom do I call ?
At Fairborne, we are always ready to help and we welcome your questions. Please contact Fairborne Homecare by email or phone 604.687.8686. You can also submit any deficiency concerns by filling out a Service Request Form.

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